Newspaper Design: Professional Skills from Print to Multi-Platform

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Início Publicação: 31/05/2005
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Newspaper Design: Professional Skills from Print to Multi-Platform

Ano: 2016 | Volume: 12 | Número: 3
Autores: Ana Gruszynski, Patrícia Damasceno, Gabriela Gruszynski Sanseverino, Ana da Rosa Bandeira
Autor Correspondente: Ana Gruszynski | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: newspaper, design, convergence, multi-platform

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This paper discusses the gradual incorporation of design in print journalism and the professional skills needed in contemporary journalistic convergence and multi-platform publishing. Using bibliographical and documentary research, the activity of giving material form to issues is historically situated and changes already in progress are identified. Technology and market demands have significantly influenced editorial practices, adding trained professionals in information and design technology and content management systems, among others, and thereby putting stress on its role as a component part of journalistic discourse while strengthening its use as a technical operator for attracting audiences.