Interactive Multimedia Reports: Innovation, Production and Advertising Revenue

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Início Publicação: 31/05/2005
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Interactive Multimedia Reports: Innovation, Production and Advertising Revenue

Ano: 2016 | Volume: 12 | Número: 3
Autores: Liliane de Lucena Ito, Mauro de Souza Ventura
Autor Correspondente: Liliane de Lucena Ito | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: journalism, web journalism, interactive multimedia reporting, innovation in journalism, convergent newsrooms

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Interactive multimedia reporting is an innovative format in web journalism which has been generating substantial advertising revenue. As of 2013, major media organizations have been investing in this kind of production. Its sophisticated layout and audiovisual and interactive elements have led us to investigate how this production process works. Through in-depth interviews with editors from the Folha Group and Estado Group, we were able to determine that there is a different production process at work here, one conducted by teams of journalists proficient in multiple mediums, working together with other techno-actors. These teams and their work are in turn influenced by factors outside of journalism itself such as the increase in mobile device usage for user consumption, and monitoring specific audience approval ratings for this type of production.