Effects of Addition of Wheat Fiber on Color and pH of Hamburger

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Effects of Addition of Wheat Fiber on Color and pH of Hamburger

Ano: 2014 | Volume: 16 | Número: 3
Autores: A. R. Vidal, R. C. Prestes
Autor Correspondente: R. C. Prestes | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: Food. Color. Hydrogen-Ion Concentration.

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The development of beef burger with added wheat fiber is an interesting alternative with functional appeal because burgers are part of the routine diet of most Brazilians due to its sensory characteristics and ease of preparation. However, understanding the technological aspects and the best method to apply functional ingredients to meat products are essential so that the products do not lose their characteristics. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of addition of wheat fiber with different particle sizes on color and pH of hamburger during 75 days of storage at -18 °C. The results indicated that the addition of wheat fiber with different particle sizes into beef burgers did not influence the pH but affected the color of the products (L*, a* and b* parameters). The mixture of fibers in the proportions tested (4% or 8%) negatively affected the color of the product during the 75 days at -18 °C. The dietary fiber presenting smaller particle size (35 μm length and 20 μm thickness) that was tested until 4% level has shown to be a viable alternative for the development of a functional beef burger. The good results obtained for this fiber can be explained by its better distribution and interaction with the meat mixture, minimizing the effects of color change, which were worse for the products containing dietary fiber with larger particle (250 μm length and 25 μm thickness).