Tadeusz Bilikiewicz’s Background in the Debate with Ludwik Fleck

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Tadeusz Bilikiewicz’s Background in the Debate with Ludwik Fleck

Ano: 2016 | Volume: 0 | Número: 1
Autores: Artur Koterski
Autor Correspondente: A. Koterski | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: Bilikiewicz, history of medicine, sociology of science, realism, constructivism

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One of the factors that adversely influenced the worldwide reception of Fleck was the rather narrow critical interest that his ideas had aroused in Poland. Apart from a few reviews of his book (1935), only two polemics were published before WWII, and these likewise fell into oblivion. The philosophical views of one of those polemists, Tadeusz Bilikiewicz, shared the same fate. Since an acquaintance with Bilikiewicz’s background would seem to be a necessary condition for a (full) understanding of his controversy with Fleck, the aim of this paper is to sketch his views on the history and sociology of science, and to clarify certain errors regarding the facts of his life.