Marxism and Education: Fragility, Crisis, Critique

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Editor Chefe: Frederico Jorge Ferreira Costa
Início Publicação: 19/10/2018
Periodicidade: Semestral
Área de Estudo: Ciências Humanas, Área de Estudo: Educação

Marxism and Education: Fragility, Crisis, Critique

Ano: 2018 | Volume: 1 | Número: 1
Autores: G. Rikowski
Autor Correspondente: G. Rikowski | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: Marxism, education, crisis.

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Resumo Inglês:

The article rests substantially on the work of John Holloway, especially his early articles in Common Sense: Journal of the Edinburgh Conference of Socialist Economists. On this foundation, it is argued, firstly, that the importance of Marxism resides in its capacity to pinpoint fragilities and weaknesses in the constitution, development and rule of capital in contemporary society. Understanding these fragilities sharpens the critical edge of any movements aimed at social transformation out of the madhouse of capital.