Influence of Reproduction and Basal Area on the Increment of Euterpe edulis

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Influence of Reproduction and Basal Area on the Increment of Euterpe edulis

Ano: 2020 | Volume: 27 | Número: 4
Autores: Silva, Juliano Zago da; Lauterjung, Miguel Busarello; Reis, Maurício Sedrez dos
Autor Correspondente: Juliano Zago da Silva | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: growth models; palm heart; fruits; non-timber forest product.

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The diameter increments of Euterpe edulis was characterized in order to understand the influence of reproduction and forest basal area on its growth and to represent its development through polynomial models. For up to 14 years three populations were studied using permanent plots. To identify the effect of reproduction, the diameter increments of young and reproductive palms, as well as the effect of productivity on growth, were compared. To characterize the effect of basal area, subpopulations under different basal area conditions were compared, as was the effect of their evolution over time. Reproductive activity and forest basal area interfered with plant growth, being smaller in more productive plants and under more advanced successional conditions. Fifth-degree models were more suitable for ecological studies or for fruit harvesting. Quadratic models were restricted to estimates of palm heart management.