Fauna Associated with Brushwood Transposition in a Mining Area in the South of Brazil

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Fauna Associated with Brushwood Transposition in a Mining Area in the South of Brazil

Ano: 2020 | Volume: 27 | Número: 3
Autores: Toso, Lucas Donato; Rovedder, Ana Paula Moreira; Hummel, Rafaela Badinelli; Peccatti, Aline; Araújo, Elias Frank de; Felker, Roselene Marostega; Silva Junior, José Carlos Corrêa da; Neuenschwander, Frederico
Autor Correspondente: Ana Paula Rovedder | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: ecological restoration; edaphic fauna; degraded area; mining

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This study evaluates the potential of fauna attractiveness according to brushwood transposition in an abandoned mining area under restoration in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Sixteen areas of brushwood measuring 2 m² area and 1 m high were installed. The occurrence of fauna groups under and around the brushwood piles was then observed with use of bi-monthly surveys. Data were collected using a non-destructive method and the animals were identified by order and separated by taxonomic units. Twenty-three fauna orders were found, with the most frequent being Anura, Araneae, Hymenoptera and Isoptera. There was an increase in the number of taxonomic units found in each survey, with a significant difference after ten months of installation. The results indicate that the brushwood was attractive to the fauna and provided new habitats and coexistence between different fauna groups during the monitored period.