Edge Effects on Successional Dynamics of Forest Fragments in the Brazilian Cerrado

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Início Publicação: 31/12/1993
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Edge Effects on Successional Dynamics of Forest Fragments in the Brazilian Cerrado

Ano: 2021 | Volume: 28 | Número: 2
Autores: Firmino Cardoso PereiraFrederico Augusto Guimarães GuilhermeBeatriz Schwantes Marimon
Autor Correspondente: Cardoso Pereira | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: cerradão; semideciduous forest; tree monitoring; forest fragmentation; canopy cover

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Resumo Inglês:

Comparative studies of tree dynamics can be useful for the conservation of forest fragments in the Cerrado. We tested if the successional dynamics in fragments of semideciduous forest (SF) and cerradão (CE) are influenced by edge effects (EE). Two surveys were carried out with plots allocation in both physiognomies, from the edge towards the interior of the fragments. All trees with diameter at breast height ≥ 5cm were measured, identified and classified (ecological groups). Both physiognomies showed high recruitment and mortality rates when compared with other forests in Cerrado. We found an EE on tree density (SF), and on mortality, total basal area and basal area of dead (CE), although do not so notorious on a short-term scale. Probably because EE did not influence the ecological groups and canopy cover. Our results suggest that the forest fragmentation can act as a disturbance agent, causing changes in the tree dynamics of the Cerrado forests.