Did Brazilians Vote for Jair Bolsonaro Because They Share his Most Controversial Views?

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Did Brazilians Vote for Jair Bolsonaro Because They Share his Most Controversial Views?

Ano: 2021 | Volume: 15 | Número: 1
Autores: M. Setzler
Autor Correspondente: M. Setzler | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: brazilian elections, brazilian voting behavior, right-wing nationalism, 2018 brazilian presidential election, Jair Bolsonaro

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The similarity of Jair Bolsonaro’s and Donald Trump’s divisive views on a variety of controversial issues has led many critics to argue that Brazilians elected a ‘Tropical Trump’ in 2018. Research on Trump’s election shows that authoritarian, racist, and sexist voters were essential to his narrow victory; however, it is an open question whether Trump’s pathway to power is the norm or the exception among right-wing nationalists. Even though candidates espousing controversial ideas about democracy and prejudice are gaining much electoral support, we know little about the extent to which their voters hold similar views. This study confirms that many Brazilians share Bolsonaro’s ambivalence about democracy as well as his attitudes denigrating women and sexual minorities; however, the degree of congruence between his supporters’ and his own views on these topics played a minor role at most in shaping voter choice. As in previous elections, ideology and partisanship – specifically, attitudes about Brazil’s Workers’ Party – largely explain whether a voter supported him. This finding largely holds across gender and racial boundaries, although white Brazilians appear to have been modestly more inclined than Afro-Brazilians to vote for Bolsonaro if they shared his divisive views.